The Schlenk Line Survival Guide is now peer-reviewed and published as a tutorial in Organometallics!

The full library of step-by-step guides are also available as a PDF (Updated November 2020) . Download and print yourself a copy:

Many thanks to Professor Román Andrés Herranz at University of Alcalá for the Spanish transalation.

Synthesis Workshop Video on YouTube

OWPC – P(SiMe₃)₃ Tutorial

Chemistry World Article

The illustrations and graphics created for the Schlenk Line Survival Guide can be downloaded below. Please view the Citing and Permissions page to learn how to correctly use and distribute the resources provided.

Useful Webpages

The Safety Net – Includes a range of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource

Organic Chemistry Data

Standard Operating Procedures for Cyclic Voltammetry

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